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What is high-risk drinking? Safe boating with clear head. Drunk cycling is a traffic risk. Alcohol and the sun. Alcohol is a factor in many illnesses. Alcohol has a greater impact on elderly people. Alcoholic beverages may cause allergic reactions. Calories in alcohol.

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Don't let a drop become an ocean — talking about alcohol use. Lydia — a game that highlights the effects of alcohol use on children.

Environmentally friendly drinks. How to recycle packaging. Wine packaging material is a climate choice. A green choice. Green Choice symbols. Vegan wines.

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Alcohol and economy. Alko contributes more than EUR million to Finnish economy. Fair and equal pricing. A good guy or a bad guy? Nofilter: What next after Dry January? Sales supervision creates the rules for alcohol sales. Sports as a pastime for the whole family. My childhood was shadowed by the feeling that I was different — only now do I believe that I can cope.

Political correctness en version originale et en version française. Un malentendu révélateur

An organic label does not mean that the product is free of additives. It takes a village to care. If the environment decided how wine gets packaged. Alcohol continues to play a large role in student culture. Lydia — a childhood made of glass. Annoyed to buy a plastic bag. When in Rome? As Finland becomes more diverse, there is also a need for cultural sensitivity in alcohol and drug education.

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If they start again. Alcohol seeps into daily life without you noticing. A good home is the best intoxicant education.

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Green choices for wine shopping. Alko at the Anti-substance Abuse Days — threat or opportunity?

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Alcohol has no place in junior sport. Alko Inc. About Alko. Organisation and management. Board of Directors. French English Attention! NB You can use the same letter more than once. Ecrivez le nom de la bonne personne. Which person is it? Write the name of the correct person. Who is it? Choisissez deux phrases qui sont vraies. Choose two correct sentences.

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Choose the correct answer. Complete… in French. Complete the grid. Complete the following text with words from the list below. Complete the sentences with words from the list.

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  • Ecrivez V, F ou PM. Write V, F or PM. Give two details. Write the correct letter in each box. Ecrivez la bonne lettre dans la case. Write the correct letter in the box. Ecrivez les bonnes lettres dans les cases. Write the correct letters in the boxes. Identifiez la bonne personne. Identify the correct person. It is not necessary to write in full sentences. Which is the correct answer? Qui …? Remplissez les blancs. Fill in the blanks. Answer these questions. Answer the questions in French.