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Bowling With Beanbags

If you have smaller or larger group, you can remove or add bowling pins to accommodate more or fewer groups. Kids of any age can try this challenging relay that can be played inside or outside. For the best results, provide boots or hip waders that are large enough to fit over kids' feet with their shoes still on. You could also substitute in any footwear that would make running difficult like toy Moon Shoes. Incorporate a bit of science into your relay race when kids harness the power of static electricity.

This relay race works best indoors on a carpeted surface, but can be played anywhere. Even preschoolers and kindergarteners can play this simple version of a classic balloon relay. Older kids who are able to throw flying disks with some accuracy can participate in this outdoor game.

Relay Races:

You can play a similar game with younger kids using flatter flying disks or even plush balls. This game is very simple to set up and play. Give each team a lemon and a pencil. The participants use the pencil to push the lemon through a racecourse and back to the beginning. Then the next person on the team takes a turn pushing the lemon through the course. Although there are teams in a standard Dodgeball game, each player is essentially on her own to throw, avoid, and catch balls.

This team version allows players to use each other as a giant shield and coordinate their throws. Toddlers and preschoolers can play this easy game at home or daycare. Add a level of difficulty for older kids by having them search for particular words instead of images. You can do this yummy relay with any food that requires multiple steps.

Although younger kids can participate, it's best for older kids and tweens. You can do this with one team as a non-competitive relay race or, if you have more prep space, you can have two or three teams play. With a little imagination, you can turn almost any classic kids' game or activity into a group relay race.

Turn a game of Simon Says into a fun relay when you split your group into equal teams. Assign each player a number so there is a Number One, Number Two, etc. Start with all Number One's playing a regular game of Simon Says where you call out actions. You can randomly call out directives to switch teammates by saying something like "Simon says switch with Number Four. This player then runs back to tag the next team member to do the same. Need: Two long ropes Divide the children into two teams, on at each end of the play area. On your signal, the two teams run and try to jump the ropes.

Keep on widening the ropes each time. If the students land in the creek, they must dry their feet lie on their back and shake their legs They then get up and continue the jumps! Put a handful of cotton balls in one of the bowls. Put the bowl at one end of a rug or mat that is on the floor Or just play on floor Put the other empty bowl on the opposite end of the mat. The object of the game is to get as many cotton balls as possible on their nose without using their hands.

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After cotton balls are stuck to their nose—they crawl over to the empty bowl — and take them off their nose with their hands— kids then put them in the bowl. Wipe the Vaseline off with a tissue or napkin. If you play with TEAMS set a time limit, and see who moves the most cotton balls from one bowl to the next.

They follow the course as to whatever you have set-up. The use of hoops, skipping ropes, Indian clubs, mats, low vaulting boxes, basketball hoops, or what-have-you offer an almost endless selection of obstacles. All it takes are two big bowls of popcorn and some small cups per team. Have kids run and get a cupful of popcorn and transfer it to the bowl across the room.

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The first team finished wins. Because of potential popcorn mess, this would be good played outside! The team that has the most popcorn left in their cup wins! In stunt relays, the runners advance to the turning point— stops and performs a stunt that has been pre-determined. They return to tag the next runner on their team. There is virtually no end to the number of stunts which can be performed. Form relay lines. Everyone in each line puts their left hand between their legs and the person behind grabs that hand with their right hand.

Then they run at a given signal to the other end of the playing area and back. Use old stockings; they are softer and have some give to them. Pair up into partners and stand side by side. Practice walking together until you get a rhythm going and then try hopping or running. This can be played as a race or just for active fun. An obstacle course can be created as well. For a real challenge if it is warm -try adding and avoiding an oscillating sprinkler. If you are lucky enough to have a feed supply store near by, burlap sacks can be purchased inexpensively.

If not, old pillow cases will do.


A soft grassy park or lawn will prevent scrapes. Pull the sack high enough to hold the edges. Practice hopping first, until all of the players get the hang of it. Identify the start and finish lines. Blow the whistle and go! Need: Paper Bags Give each child a small paper bag. With the signal, race to the marker and then blow up the bags. If you are playing in a group with more than three players, you start by lining up in single file.

The first person in the line takes a few steps forwards and then bends over to make the first frog. The next person in the line then leaps the first frog, carries on for a few steps and then bends over to make the second frog. The third person in the line then has to run and leap frogs one and two and then bends over to make the third frog. This carries on until all the players have jumped. This can be played with one line or in Teams. The first one to the end of the track and back wins. The contestant who holds the note the longest wins.

The player that gets the most wins wins the olympics. Good for younger children As quickly as possible, walk backwards to the finish line. While doing this—try not to bump into each other. Have the children stand across from a partner. They should stand one foot apart. With each toss, the children should back up one step. Play until the eggs are destroyed and before the kids get bored.

This can be played as a race or relay… Use a tablespoon and a hard-boiled egg or plastic Easter egg and plastic spoon. Children try to walk fast holding the egg in the spoon to the finish line. It can also be done as a relay and have one child in the middle of the race line waiting.

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  5. Give each child a tablespoon and a hard-boiled egg. The children form a line and one is the leader. To drop the egg or rest on both feet prevents one from continuing in the game. They stay out until the next round.

    Kids Outdoor Relay Games

    Now try clapping your hands twice, then three times, and so on. How high can you go? Now try with your left leg. Now clap behind your back. Invent some more challenges. Can you do it with your left foot too?

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    4. Can you jump? Can you twist around? Can you kneel down and stand up again, or sit down? Can you climb the stairs? Can you do any of these things with two beanbags balanced on your head? Or three? How far can you throw the beanbag? Does it make a difference if you throw over-arm or underarm? Adapted From: activityvillage. Divide the children into teams and line them up in rows.

      Give the child at the front of each row a beanbag. If a beanbag is dropped, you can make the children start again from the the front of the row. On a white board or chart paper write the order of steps in passing the bean bags. Buy or make a painted wood or cardboard bean bag toss. Make the shape according to the theme. Use bean bags to toss—or be creative and toss something based on the theme. Example: Scrunched up paper or large marshmallows for a winter theme. Several balloons and string needed. Each player is given two balloons to be inflated and tied around each ankle with a piece of string.